William Testa

Vice President and Director of Regional Research

(312) 322-5791

Bill Testa is a vice president and director of regional research in the economic research department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Testa has written widely in the areas of economic growth and development, the Midwest economy and state–local public finance.

Testa currently serves as economics editor of the Chicago Fed Letter and on the editorial board of Economic Development Quarterly. His Midwest Economy web column, which can be found on the Federal Reserve Bank’s website, has become a widely read and nationally quoted feature.

Testa also serves in an advisory or director’s capacity to a variety of professional journals, nonprofit organizations, advisory boards and economic development initiatives in the Midwest.

Prior to joining the Chicago Fed in 1982, Testa was a visiting faculty member in the economics department at Tulane University in New Orleans and a graduate research fellow at the Academy for Contemporary Problems in Columbus, Ohio. He currently lectures at DePaul University’s College of Commerce. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Testa received his undergraduate degree from Northwestern University in 1975 and a Ph.D. in economics from the Ohio State University in 1981.

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Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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