Research Periodicals

The publications, below, are produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's Economic Research department.


Newsletter reporting on agricultural developments in the United States and the Seventh Federal Reserve District.


CDPS Blog provides the most up to date information by addressing a wide variety of research topics and community economic development issues.

Chicago Fed Letter

Newsletter featuring an essay on economic policy issues of regional or national interest.

  • Publication frequency: Monthly
  • Publishing department: Economic Research & Data
  • Audience: Bankers, news media, business people, and college instructors/students

Economic Perspectives

In-depth articles reporting on the Chicago Fed's economic research.

  • Publication frequency: Quarterly
  • Publishing department: Economic Research & Data
  • Audience: Economists, financial executives, economics professors, and news media

Michigan Economy Blog

Learn what's happening in the Detroit and Michigan economies through this blog.

Midwest Economy Blog

Research Vice President Bill Testa and special guest commentators offer unique perspectives on the Midwest economy through this blog.

ProfitWise News & Views

Articles on economic development news and trends including:

  • Identity Theft
  • Labor trends
  • Regulatory compliance topics
  • Small business lending
  • Tax incentives to assist underserved communities

Risk Perspectives

Quarterly newsletter reporting the latest information on banking risk concerns for institutions supervised by the Bank.

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