Supervision Technology Risks: Educate, Analyze and Manage

The STREAM Technology Lab's underlying premise is that the rapidly increasing complexity of information technology and the increasingly important contribution of IT to operations risk creates material knowledge gaps between examiners and industry IT practitioners. The intention is to have a combination of classroom lecture and technical lab "hands-on" exercises. All classes are weeklong unless otherwise noted. Through your participation in these classes, we hope to narrow that gap and ensure the stability, integrity and efficiency of the nation's monetary, financial and payment systems.


What's New for 2015?

  • “Examiner IT Bootcamp” was introduced in 2014. This class has an IT-centric approach and leverages content across our curriculum combining IT topics with foundational IT risk and examination material to position attendees to be able to participate in low risk IT exams.
  • “Payments Systems and Risks” was also introduced in 2014. This course expands upon our original Remote Deposit Capture Clinic and adds payments-related topics including wire transfer, ACH, mobile banking, mobile payments, mobile deposit capture and other emerging trends. We added a second class for 2015.
  • New labs: We continually look for opportunities to introduce and enhance hands-on labs and other interactive exercises. The topic of cyber threats has been introduced into various IT classes through hand-on exercises or demonstrations that incorporate foundational and applied network and security concepts to promote an understanding of risks and controls.

A non-refundable registration fee of $550.00 will apply to all non-Federal Reserve System participants.

More about STREAM

STREAM Technology Lab classes are open to bank examiners and supervisory analysts from any recognized federal, state or international financial regulatory agency. Access to course materials is restricted to qualified students. All course materials are considered confidential and should be handled as such by all participants.