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Opportunities for Banks Examiners, Analysts and Risk Specialists

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago offers a broad range of meaningful career opportunities that serve to challenge and engage our Supervision and Regulation team.

Bank and Thrift Examiners

Safety and Soundness Bank Examiners work to ensure the nation’s banking system operates in a safe and sound manner. Compliance and Community Reinvestment Act Examiners are responsible for enforcing federal consumer protection statutes in financial services. Savings and Loan Examiners (Thrift) work to identify and assess risks and the adequacy of risk management systems at savings and loan holding companies.

  • All examiners provide an objective evaluation of financial soundness, determine compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and appraise the performance and abilities of management and directorate.
  • Examiners travel 40-60 percent of their time, on average, to community and large banks within the Seventh District territory (most of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin and all of Iowa).

Supervision Analysts

Supervision Analysts’ primary objective is to provide off-site supervisory support to exam staff by researching, analyzing and reporting on bank performance as well as market and/or financial data. Analysts also play a critical role in the creation of exam products. They provide:

  • Pre-scope memos, pre-exam packets, quarterly surveillance reports, loan data and ad hoc performance data and analyses.
  • Supervision and Regulation management with advanced metrics, such as the capital waterfall model, to assist management with risk identification and decision-making.

Risk Specialists

Risk Specialists conduct highly detailed analyses of the regional economy, the District's banking sector and the nation's financial system. This provides a horizontal perspective of emerging risks and challenges and enhances the department's supervisory work. This division includes the following risk areas: market risk, liquidity risk, Basel II, economic capital and risk management modeling, credit risk, operational risk, fraud, information technology, Bank Secrecy, accounting, insurance and trust.

What We Look for

We seek individuals who hold themselves to the highest standards and who flourish in an environment of collaboration and innovation. Our most successful staff members are creative problem solvers who are versatile and take initiative. They have strong skills in critical thinking and verbal and written communication. We also look for individuals who:

  • Demonstrate collaboration skills and a willingness to work in a team environment.
  • Versatility/adaptability — the ability to respond favorably to rapidly changing priorities/directives.
  • Financial institution and/or audit knowledge — experienced banking or audit professionals preferred with related understanding of accounting, finance and economics.

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