Ellen Bromagen

Executive Vice President, Customer Relations and Support Office

Ellen Bromagen is the executive vice president and product manager of the Customer Relations and Support Office (CRSO).  As the head of the CRSO, she is responsible for mapping and setting the vision and strategy for the CRSO's future role in financial services.  She is also responsible for the FedLine® product suite, which provides resilient electronic access to the Federal Reserve's payment system.  Additionally, she is responsible for national marketing and sales.       


Bromagen joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in 1990 and has held a variety of management positions during her time at the bank. Bromagen was promoted to assistant vice president–accounting in 1998. She joined the Customer Relations and Support Office in 2003.  She was promoted to vice president in 2004 with the responsibility for financial planning and revenue management. In 2006, Bromagen assummed responsibilty for FedLine Program Management.  She was promoted to senior vice president in 2008 and executive vice president in 2012.


Bromagen holds an undergraduate degree from University of Wisconsin and a masters degree from DePaul University.

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