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Last Updated: 05/17/16

Economic Perspectives

Vol. 40, 2016

How Did the Great Recession Affect Payday Loans?

Sumit AgarwalTal Gross and Bhashkar Mazumder

This article answers two important questions: Did payday borrowing rise during the Great Recession? And did the use of payday loans expand beyond low-income borrowers to include more middle-income borrowers?

What Does Online Job Search Tell Us about the Labor Market?

R. Jason Faberman and Marianna Kudlyak

This article finds that in 2011, online job search was much more prevalent and significantly more effective in helping job seekers gain employment than about a decade earlier. Moreover, it shows that online job search data generally capture the aggregate patterns of the U.S. labor market. The authors discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using these data for research, and summarize related studies.