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A quarterly journal of in-depth articles reporting on the Bank's economic research.
Last Updated: 12/03/15

Economic Perspectives

Third Quarter 2015 Edition

The Chicago Fed Survey of Business Conditions: Quantifying the Seventh District’s Beige Book Report

Scott A. BraveThomas Walstrum and Jacob Berman

In this article, the authors describe a new survey methodology used by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in constructing the Seventh District’s Beige Book report called the Chicago Fed Survey of Business Conditions (CFSBC). The design of the survey allows the authors to create a new set of quantitative indexes that track economic activity in real time.  

The Overnight Money Market

Ben Chabot and Stefania D’Amico

This video presentation provides a simple overview of the recent evolution of the U.S. overnight money market and how the Federal Reserve’s tools to implement monetary policy have evolved with the market. The visualization and narration of the money market’s main financial instruments, participants, and respective interactions are meant to simplify complex concepts and relation networks that constitute the foundation of short-term borrowing and lending in U.S. financial markets. For more details, please see the video transcript and references therein.