Land Values & Credit Conditions Survey

The second quarter 2016 survey will be available on July 1, 2016.

Last Updated: 05/12/16


The Seventh Federal Reserve District states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin continue to play a key role in the agricultural economy of the United States, as well as the world. Although agriculture's share of the total Seventh District economy is decreasing, it remains a very important part of the larger economy.

Year-over-Year Changes in Farmland Values

Land Value Changes

Index of Demand for Non-real-estate Agricultural Loans

Loan Demand

Index of Repayment Rates for Non-real estate Agricultural Loans

Loan Demand

Interest Rates Charged on New Farm Loans in the Seventh District

Interest rates charged on new farm loans in the Seventh District

Notes: For charts of indices, bankers responded to each item by indicating whether conditions during the current quarter were higher, lower, or the same as in the year-earlier period. The index numbers are computed by subtracting the percent of bankers that responded "lower" from the percent that responded "higher" and adding 100. These indices exclude real estate loans.

The chart of interest rates is based on data from the Chicago Fed's Land Value and Credit Conditions Survey. The black line indicates farm operating loans and the red line indicates farm real estate loans. This chart shows the average interest rates charged on farm loans. Since farming is a very capital-intensive industry, many farmers make extensive use of borrowed funds. High interest rates mean larger expenses and less profit.


Source for all charts: Land Value and Credit Conditions Survey, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

AgLetter Data

Data on credit conditions at Seventh District agricultural banks and on farmland values in the Seventh District are available for download as spreadsheets. Recent data for credit conditions are also available on the third page of the AgLetter.


Seventh District Credit Conditions
Seventh District Land Values

2015 Agriculture Conference

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