Banker Resources

This page provides a variety of tools intended to aid bankers and help them navigate the various areas of the banking industry as it relates to supervision and regulation.

Banking Publications

news print and digital

This section contains the latest supervision and regulation related publications including industry newsletters, research articles, as well as publications produced in part by supervision and regulation teams in the Federal Reserve System. 

Federal and State Regulatory Resources

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View links and information about regulatory agencies, both federal and state, to find the latest banking regulatory content.

How to Work with Us

Find information about membership, applications, mergers and acquisitions, your reserve account, applications status, the discount window and how to access public information.

Regulations and Guidance

legal books

View links to information on banking guidance, supervision and regulation guidance as well as Board of Governors Supervision Manuals.

Seasonal Credit Program


Learn more about the Seventh District’s Seasonal Credit Program, which provides a reliable source of funding to small depository institutions that lack access to national money markets and experience seasonal fluctuations in deposits and loans.

Tools, Research and Data

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Find a variety of tools, research and data as well as other resources to aid bankers in finding the latest banking and economic conditions in our seven-state region and the nation.