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 Quinquennial Report Stage One Completed, Stage Two Ends October

August 2, 2016 - Since June 1955, the Federal Reserve System has surveyed the assets and liabilities of finance companies at five-year intervals through its Quinquennial Census and Survey of Finance Companies (the Quinquennial). Over the past year, the Chicago statistics group, as well as groups from all of the Reserve Banks, has been gathering information from a pool of 35,000 domestic companies throughout the System via the Quinquennial.

The Quinquennial is a two-stage survey of finance companies. The first stage is the Census of Finance Companies (FR 3033p) that is sent to all known domestic companies that are likely to supply credit or lease financing to households and businesses. From the questionnaire respondents, the Federal Reserve draws a random sample of companies for the second stage, the Survey of Finance Companies (FR 3033s). This survey requests detailed information from the respondents' balance sheets.

The data obtained from the Quinquennial survey have been instrumental in identifying finance companies in the United States and supplementing the data in the monthly domestic finance company reports (FR 2248). The FR 2248 report data is presented in the Federal Reserve System’s G.20 statistical releaseand provides a comprehensive update on these companies’ sources of funds. This information in turn becomes an important input to the estimates of total consumer credit presented in the Federal Reserve’s G.19 statistical release and the U.S. flow of funds accounts all produced by the Federal Reserve System.

Currently all districts are in the second survey stage and will begin contacting nonresponsive companies in July. The Quinquennial will come to an end in October and begin again in 2020. 

Additional information about these reports can be found on the Board website.

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