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Last Updated: 11/05/15

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No. 346

Revitalizing Inner Cities: Connecting Research and Practice

Robin G. Newberger and Maude Toussaint-Comeau

America’s inner cities are often depicted as socially and economically dysfunctional places, ridden with crime, lacking investment and with limited opportunities. For decades, however, researchers have been noting the heterogeneous nature of inner cities. Inner cities often have particular advantages, including a strategic location near central business districts, proximity to transportation infrastructure, communication nodes and other regional assets, a relatively young population and a strong entrepreneurial drive among residents, all of which position them to compete and integrate successfully with their economic regions.

No. 345

Deepening the Foundations of Risk Management

Marshall Eckblad, Lamont Black and Esther Ogunro

The ongoing recovery from the Great Recession has been accompanied by changes in the types of risks that financial institutions face and the ways in which they manage them. Even as improving labor markets and modest economic growth have strengthened balance sheets and stabilized most businesses, financial services firms remain under considerable pressure. In this context, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and DePaul University hosted their eighth annual risk conference on March 31–April 1, 2015.