Gordon Werkema

Payments Strategy Director, Federal Reserve System

Gordon Werkema is payments strategy director for the Federal Reserve System. As payments strategy director, Werkema has responsibility for leading major payment system improvement initiatives described in the Federal Reserve’s “Strategies for improving the U.S. payment system” paper. Werkema leads the Federal Reserve’s strategies related to faster payments, payments security and stakeholder engagement, collaborating with the Federal Reserve’s current financial services product leaders to execute the full complement of strategies outlined in the paper.

Werkema’s 35 year career at the Federal Reserve began in the San Francisco District, where he ultimately served as executive vice president before moving to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, where he was first vice president and chief operating officer until September 1, 2015. He has also served as product director of the System’s National Customer Relations and Support Office. Werkema holds a master’s degree with honors from The Johns Hopkins University.

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