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Mergers and acquisitions are displayed by nonsurvivor, and include event dates, survivor information and top holder information.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The merger files contain information that can be used to identify all bank and bank holding company (BHC) acquisitions and mergers that have occurred since 1976. The file also includes information on the top holding companies of both the non-surviving and surviving entities. These data can be merged with the BHC or Call Report financial datasets by using either SURV_ID or NON_ID in the merger file and RSSD9001 (FRS ID/ID_RSSD) in the financial datasets, while paying close attention to the MERGE_DT and the as-of date of the financial data (RSSD9999).


The datasets are available as zipped SAS XPort files (*.XPT) for backwards compatibility and portability, and as XML files. The XML file is provided without a schema as no metadata are included. The XML file can be imported into Microsoft Excel, Office 2003 and later, by opening the file after downloading or by importing as a refreshable web query. Excel will create a schema during import and once saved any future updates can be retrieved by refreshing the data connection.

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