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Foreclosure Resource Center

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Learn more about the Community Development and Policy Studies Department's Seventh District foreclosure rate updates that will reflect the 3-month moving average of the following rates from 2007m10 through 2013m9.

Updated Foreclosure Maps - Seventh District

The Community Development & Policy Studies Department (CDPS) has updated maps showing mortgage foreclosure and delinquency rates in the Seventh District.


5 Tips for Avoiding Foreclosure Scams

Information from the Federal Reserve Board


Foreclosure Mitigation Toolkit

Resources to assist communities in addressing the current turmoil in the housing market and minimize the impact of foreclosures on neighborhoods.


Regional Home Ownership Perservation Initiative

A network of organizations working collaboratively to address the foreclosure crisis to develop and implement more coordinated and robust regional responses.


Resources available to consumers facing foreclosure:

Foreclosure Maps

Updated Foreclosure Maps - Maps from the 7th District showing mortage foreclosure and delinquency rates.

Dynamic Maps and Data - New York Fed


Financial Literacy and The Effectiveness of Financial Education and Counseling

Effect of Mortgage Foreclosures on Nearby Property Values

Foreclosure Prevention Efforts

Mortgage Defaults

Metropolitan REO Inventories during the 2007-2008 Mortgage Crisis
A Snapshot of Mortgage Conditions with an Emphasis on Subprime Mortgage Performance
Performance of CRA Lending During the Subprime Meltdown: California

Policy & Regulation

Information affecting financial institutions and regulatory updates:
Loan Modification
Regulation Z (Truth in Lending)
Federal and State Agencies Announce Pilot Project to Improve Supervision of Subprime Mortgage Lenders
Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies and CSBS Issue Statement on Loss Mitigation Strategies for Servicers of Residential Mortgages
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003 as it is pertinent to the subject of mortgages (and foreclosures) owned by a servicemember during the applicable period of military service

Federal Reserve adopts policy statement supporting prudent commercial real estate (CRE) loan workouts

Federal Reserve to implement consumer compliance supervision program of non bank subsidiaries of bank holiding companis and foreign organizations

Annual adjustment of fee-based trigger for additional mortgage loan disclosures

Board publishes 5 Tips for Dealing with Home Equity Line Freeze or Reduction

Board approves final rules revising disclosure requirements for mortgage loans under Regulation Z